Purchasing skills of clothing foreign trade companies

2022-05-20 17:05:28 浙江新韦进出口有限公司 Viewd 719

1. According to the requirements of the clothing order, see which fabrics and accessories need to be used on a garment, as well as the grade and quality requirements of the fabrics and accessories, and then screen the suitable suppliers of fabrics and accessories.

2. Choose a clothing surface accessories company with good reputation and strong development ability to proof and check the price, and provide the sample to the customer for confirmation. Generally speaking, each variety should have at least two or three excellent suppliers of apparel surface accessories, so that they can conduct healthy competition and ensure the price, quality, delivery and service of the company's purchased products.

3. Choose a clothing surface accessories company, it can be introduced by a friend, or you can choose it yourself through a variety of channels. Like Nanjing Botao Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd., specializing in the production and management of clothing accessories such as cords, webbing and belts, and has long-term cooperation with more than 30 large clothing foreign trade companies inside and outside the province, with high cost performance and good reputation. Generally speaking, cooperating with several relatively fixed suppliers of surface accessories can better control product quality and procurement costs.

4. The supplier of kneading and surface accessories signs a purchase contract, specifying the quality requirements, payment method, quantity and delivery date of the purchased products. The terms of the contract should be clear, and the packaging and transportation methods, expenses, and breach of contract should be clearly listed.

5. After the purchase contract is signed, it is necessary to always urge the supplier to pay attention to the product quality and delivery time, and if necessary, go to the factory to check the quality and track the progress, so as to be aware of it.

6. After delivery, the supplier is responsible for product inspection and storage, and arranging payment. The missing quantity should be made up as soon as possible, and the products that do not meet the requirements should be repaired or redone immediately.